What is an Escape Room?

As popular as Escape Rooms have become, there are still a TON of people who have yet to play, or even hear about what an Escape Room is.  Crazy, right? I know! But, we love the opportunity to introduce new escape-ers to the scene, so we figured we’d start off our blog with a simple “what is an Escape Room”, for those that are curious and have yet to give it a try!  

All of us here at Hour Escape love to equate Escape Rooms to a real life game of Clue.  We have different themed escape room games which vary by difficulty level, so it’s never too easy for the seasoned escape room player, but never too hard for beginners.  You and your team are “locked” in a room and have one hour to solve your way out! You will go through a series of different types of puzzles that you’ll have to solve, riddles you’ll have to figure out, hidden objects you’ll have to find, and lots of other different types of surprises along the way.  If successfully done, you’ll find your way to “escape” the room!

We’ve watched groups of as few as 2 and as many as 50 come through our doors and have a blast!  Are people confused? Of course! Do people argue? You better believe it! Do people laugh? Every. Single. One.!  

The general consensus from groups of all sizes – whether friends, family, coworkers, or even strangers – It’s a really fun hour of problem solving, team building, excitement – and did we mention, fun?!  If you haven’t tried an Escape Room yet, what are you waiting for? We promise you’ll enjoy it and likely come back for more!

About us?

Hour Escape is located on Long Island, in the beautiful village of Port Jefferson!  We celebrate 2 years of serving customers from the surrounding towns of Miller Place, Mount Sinai, Sound Beach, Rocky Point, Port Jefferson Station, Setauket, East Setauket, Selden, Centereach, Ronkonkoma, Lake Ronkonoma, Coram and so many more!  We consistently strive to provide you the best possible Escape Room Long Island offers! See what our customers are saying on Google, Trip Advisor, and Facebook.  We work hard to provide everyone with a 5 star escape room experience!  Questions? Call us at 631-403-3030.

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