What happens when you mix the mob, money and marinara? If you don’t escape in an hour, you’ll find out! Find clues, and decode locks to escape this heart pounding room within 60 minutes!

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Our star has gone missing! What happened? Where is she? We need her back in one hour before she needs to be on stage, can you help us find her?

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Hour Escape Rooms, conveniently located on Long Island, in Port Jefferson New York, is the best escape room experience on Long Island. With two intricately staged rooms, with vastly different scenarios, you and your team will encounter a unique experience that no other Long Island escape room can provide.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to witness the mob culture up close and personal? Or, perhaps you have fantasized about becoming a detective and heroically rescuing someone? Bring a friend, or ten, and come experience all that an escape room game on Long Island has to offer. You only have one hour to escape the room - are you and your team up for the challenge?


Appropriate for all ages, Hour Escape Rooms can provide you and your family or friends with a unique experience, different from most things to do on Long Island. We strive to create the most enjoyable and exciting Long Island escape room experience. Pull the family away from the normal routine and come enjoy a night at Hour Escape Rooms in Port Jefferson.


Looking for a team-building or bonding experience with your employees or co-workers? Look no further than Hour Escape Rooms, Long Island’s premier escape room game. There is no doubt this challenging, yet fun, “escape the room” experience will bond you closer to your co-workers as you learn to work together to escape before time runs out.


There are few other ways we can imagine to truly make an occasion special. Whether a birthday party, retirement party or some other important event, invite your guests to Hour Escape Rooms. The inventive games and stories we provide the guests at Hour Escape Rooms will have you laughing, sweating and cheering each other on as you race to beat the clock.


Most gaming today is done in front of a computer screen. Why not switch up the pace with a “real life” adventure at an escape room on Long Island, New York? Bring your gaming abilities, sense of adventure and your best gaming friends to the test as you try to solve the clues to escape the room before it's too late. We promise it will be a fun departure from daily gaming!