Fun Things to To Do in Long Island

If you’re looking for new exciting things, sometimes it can be hard to find activities to do that won’t break the bank. Finding family friendly activities can be especially tricky, as everybody has different likes and dislikes.

But there are fun things to do in Long Island that are affordable and fun for everyone. Here’s a quick activity list for various age ranges and groups of all sizes:

  • Parrish Art Museum
  • Hour Escape Rooms
  • Free Beaches

Parrish Art Museum

The Parrish Art Museum has a variety of exhibits including big installations and nature themed photography. This museum is fun because it has a really unique look, the building itself being a work of art.

Their diverse art collection is sure to wow you.

Hour Escape Rooms

This is a favorite for many fun-lovers, and it’s perfect for all occasions. We set up an escape room game where you are locked in a room, and must find hidden objects and codes around the room to escape it.

Don’t worry though, they do provide your group with an emergency exit key so it is completely safe. Whether it’s a work bonding exercise for coworkers or a family outing, an escape room game will definitely be a blast.

These escape room games separate you from technology and your phones to fully throw you into the fun. This game forces you to problem solve as a group, and challenges you to solve the problem in under an hour.

It is a great team building experience that changes the way you work as a group. There are two escape room games to choose from when booking an escape room.

The Hour Escape Rooms in Port Jefferson, Long Island cater to parties of two to twenty players. If you don’t book the whole escape room, you may be playing with other engaging people and find their inputs helpful.

If you’re looking for fun things to do, our Long Island escape room is great for adults and kids of all ages so contact us today!

Free Beaches

There are multiple free beaches across Long Island, making sunset picnics and day-long beach excursions much more accessible.

These are great spots to relax and kick back, after a long day of possible art museum visits and mysterious escape rooms.

Long Island has so many options of fun activities, so it can be hard to narrow down what to do.

A trip to the museum, a game at Hour Escape Rooms, and topping it off with a free beach trip are just a few of the fun and affordable activities to do in Long Island. Enjoy!