If you’ve been to Hour Escape before, you will notice some changes on your next visit which we want you to know about. If you haven’t been to us before, these are some things we are doing to keep you safe while visiting our facility.

  • All games are now private, with a minimum of 4 paid spots per game.
  • Facemask are REQUIRED by all guests who enter our facility.  You can remove them once inside the escape room game, but its suggested to be worn during your entire visit.  They MUST be worn while in our lobby, rest rooms and any other common areas.
  • The check in process will be from either your car or outside in our parking lot.  Once your entire group is here you will check in with us via telephone.  We will collect cell phone numbers for each person in your group and will send a link via text for everyone to review and sign our waiver.  
  • Once waivers are completed, a staff member will greet you at our front entrance and will quickly scan everyone with an infrared thermometer.  Unfortunately, anyone with a temperature at or above 100.1 will not be permitted to enter our facility.  Considering this, we STRONGLY suggest if you are not feeling well or are running a temperature prior to visiting us, you call to reschedule your game.  
  • Your Game Master will no longer bring you into the room to give you the back story of the game.  Instead, they will guide you to your room and once inside, will welcome you via video from our control room.  You’ll still have the same experience of backstories, room tips, and questions answered, except we will be in a different room, for everyone’s safety!
  • We have reduced our daily schedule of games to allow for additional cleaning and disinfecting time in between games.  
  • After every game, we disinfect the entire room(s) from counter tops, to light switches, to picture frames and every other nook and cranny in between!  Additionally, any clues which we usually rotate out on a weekly basis (paper clues, laminated clues, etc.), will now be changed out after EVERY game! 
  • We have removed many objects from our games to decrease the amount of surfaces that need to be touched.  If things look more empty than you think they should, we hope you’ll understand this is temporary and for the best interest of our customers and staff.
  • Your end of game picture will still happen – only instead of doing so in our lobby, your group photo will now be taken in the game, to show off how much time was left on the clock!  Sadly, our funny signs are temporarily not allowed.